Read between the lines
Read between the lines.

"In a difficult professional situation I received crucial advice & guidance to help me make bold decisions."

"Frank held up the mirror to me so I could see myself without disguises and recognize myself again."


We are pleased that you are interested in our professional services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be glad to provide you with additional information and a non-binding initial consultation.

We are continuing to develop on a regular basis and are involved in professional networks. 

We commit ourselves to work according to the Core Coaching Competencies and the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Coaching for Individuals

Development of Personality

Coaching for Individuals

Development of Personality

We will support you whenever you have personal questions or facing changes, for example when you are about to take on a new executive role or when you reflect upon leadership or everyday situations. We will accompany and support you to help you reach your challenging goals faster and more effectively. And as every transition process is unique, we adapt our services to the individual needs and requirements of our partners.

Overview of the Coaching Process

Our coaching offer for Individuals, Management and Executive

Would you like to know where you stand?
Do you find your current job insufficiently demanding and would you like to learn more about your personality and your effect upon others? What is really important to you for redirecting your career?

With several years experience as Coaches and career consultants we are ready to help you face your challenges.

Your coach and sparring partner:
Frank Schellenberg, Master Cert. Coach ICF

Professional reorientation

Outplacement 4you

In collaboration with 'The 4you Network', we specialise in providing personalised, supportive coaching that not only helps you with your job search, but also enables you to utilise the change long-term for your own development.

Professional reorientation 4you

Clients' needs throughout the outplacement process are very different and have changed significantly over the last few years. Depending on the client's previous role and their age, level of networking and experice of job hunting, each stage of the process will require more or less time/support.

Working with teams

Picking up pace together

Working with Teams

Picking up pace together

Employees are key to a company’s performance. So work shouldn’t only be more effective, but should also be geared to the needs of people and team dynamics.

Teams are more than the sum of their parts – we’re very aware that they need to be handled carefully and that knowledge of the different energies found in teams is required. 

Our offer for teams

If you are a newly formed team or if the make-up of your team has changed, now is a good time to take a targeted approach and work on the foundations of constructive collaboration.

Conflicts offer an opportunity for development because ultimately they point towards resistance or an imbalance.

Our offer for teams


Activity-based learning

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It supports the learning and development process and improves more than just your mood.

A different perspective - let's go outside!

We integrate the concept of activity-based learning into our seminars and workshops. We aim to consolidate content, encourage communication and strengthen a feeling of togetherness, all while having fun, of course!

A different perspective - let's go outside!

Offering for Organizations

Leadership & Talent Management

Geopolitical matters and changes in the economy and markets generate plenty of new challenges that we have to confront. The success of an enterprise depends on several factors and doesn’t just happen on its own.

Every company has its own culture, structures and specific features. One of the biggest challenges faced by managers is increasing complexity. It’s important to find the answers you need to these challenges with the right interventions.

Your business wishes to improve its ability to communicate, make an impact, and build relationships?

We offer tailor-made workshops for professional and organizational development, team building, strategic planning, leadership training, talent management and coach the coach workshops.

Our offer for organisations


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